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I gotta agree with everything said above...

You got a heck of a deal!!!


The creeper gear is a highly sought after option. It bolts onto the front of a standard three speed transmission it is what some refer to as an "underdrive" it does just what it's name says (it causes the tractor to "creep" along). You'll need it for blowing/throwing snow. Some people think it is like a hi/low range transmission in a regular tractor, that's not exactly the case, it isn't intended to deliver more power to the rear axle, it's intended purpose is to move the machine along at a slower rate of speed for different applications/attachments (blowing snow, using a trencher, that sort of thing).

The little black knob to the left of the shifter and the vent tube sticking up just in front of the shifter are what "tells" us that it has the creeper gear.

attorney_barnabas_collins, is right about the seat too, it may not be the coolest looking seat IH ever used, but you almost CAN'T tear them up.

If it has any electrical problems, there are three things to check first, make sure you have good ground connections, make sure you have good ground connections, and lastly make sure you have good ground connections.

Get that thing home, get it running, and let us know how much you like it.
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