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Anyone have one of these?

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Engine that is, Detroit Diesel 6v-92.
Cool video of one in a GMC grain truck, sounds sweet!:trink40:
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Nothing noisier than an old 2 stroke Detroit.
That you tube video is becoming a cult classic. Saw it over on the diesel sites I am a member of some time ago. Only thing I was thinking of is now the police know what vehicle to be looking out for when someone calls in with a noise complaint!
grandfathers got 2 sitting out back
They sure had the rack opened up on it!!
200 watts into the stereo system speakers aimed at the neighbors' house on a hot summer night. Perfect 'pay back'.

Not that I'd do that.....really.....
i love the way these trucks sound. uncles got a stub nose log truck with one in it, boy do they have the power!
Those are sweet.. I have the baby boy engine of that engine in my JD440 dozer..
Had one in a Ford Ready Mix truck I used to drive in the 80s With a 5x4 tranny , sounded like a big dirt bike on steroids. Too Much noise for me.
Team green, what is the next size down a 6.71?
JeffinIA i like the sound, but id say that i wouldnt if i had to drive one every day lol it would probably get old
my dad used to own one. family buisness. that old detroit could HAUL.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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