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vn recons. From that site "There are reconditioning factories where tractors are disassembled and checked out. The engine is rebuilt with new rings, bearings, gaskets, seals, valves and pistons as needed or whatever else is necessary. Electrical and hydraulic systems are tested and repaired as needed. All tractors are brought to 95% of original specifications. "

Ask what the original spec is for, oh, say clutch thickness. If they can't document this, how can they document that it is 95% of original? Also...95% just doesn't work when it comes to things like seals, piston rings, etc. The point being the whole sales hype of reconditioning in vn and 95% is just that...hype.

Ask for specific info (like a manufacturer or distributor address & phone) for the V2 or Vtech loader. If I had a nickel for every call we get for parts for them.....

Mitsubishi is a fine tractor. We'd import and sell them if there was anything approaching a supply chain for the parts....but there isn't.

Their 1610D is $300 MORE than ours, and ours has an OSHA approved ROPS ($700), full UTDA safety equipment, 6 months on the powertrain and our reputation.
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