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Anyone ever use a driveway sealer??

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they want 2200$ to seal my driveway! (yes it is a long one) but I found this implement.

anyone ever use one?

Driveway Sealer
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Very interesting. It appears to be gravity feed, I guess it would work best with newer sealers. I notice the video shows running a stripe down the middle of a drive, I think I'd prefer not to run my tractor tires through recent application, but I wonder about overlap on second pass. 60" would almost certainly require I drive through some on curves and turn-arounds. I'm curious what clean-up would be like. Finally, I think I'd like to find a Rent-All that carries something like this for my first test.

Thanks for the link! I haven't been paying $2200 for my drive, but I am paying enough to cover the piece of equip if not the buckets of sealer in one year.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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