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Anyone ever use a driveway sealer??

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they want 2200$ to seal my driveway! (yes it is a long one) but I found this implement.

anyone ever use one?

Driveway Sealer
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Ran across this while looking at an Asphalt sealing site:

Counterpoint: Is Sealing a Driveway Bad?

One final thought… some asphalt contractors recommend against sealing. The argument: sealers prevent moisture from escaping. If water finds its way under the sealer, it is more likely to freeze and crack than if it were allowed to expand up and out, or evaporate. If you seal the driveway, you’ll be forced to reseal every few years or cracks in some parts of the top coat will exacerbate this problem.
Our jury is still out on this, and without a good study across climates, sealers, and compounds, it would be hard to evaluate the claim. For now, we think the cosmetic benefits of sealing are pretty great, and would recommend it to increase resale value.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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