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Anyone ever use a driveway sealer??

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they want 2200$ to seal my driveway! (yes it is a long one) but I found this implement.

anyone ever use one?

Driveway Sealer
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Thanks for posting the link, interesting machine . If you have that much driveway to do or more likely you have multiple properties that need sprucing up I guess it makes sense.
I use about $45 worth of sealer every 2 or 3 years and two hours of my time and labor, so it wouldn't be cost effective for me. However, it IS a neat gadget and now I GOTTA' have one... :)

For $2200 are they just resealing your driveway or doing additional blacktopping?

Wow! That’s a very nice piece of equipment, and not too expensive.
Thanks for posting the info. :fing32:
Very interesting. It appears to be gravity feed, I guess it would work best with newer sealers. I notice the video shows running a stripe down the middle of a drive, I think I'd prefer not to run my tractor tires through recent application, but I wonder about overlap on second pass. 60" would almost certainly require I drive through some on curves and turn-arounds. I'm curious what clean-up would be like. Finally, I think I'd like to find a Rent-All that carries something like this for my first test.

Thanks for the link! I haven't been paying $2200 for my drive, but I am paying enough to cover the piece of equip if not the buckets of sealer in one year.
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How long is long? My drive is not long, but I had mine sealcoated for $100, I get it done every year.

My drive is for a 3 car garage, has a turn around and is about 70ft from the street.

$2200 sounds like they are doing a mile long stretch.

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I was wondering the same thing. I'm not too far from the OP, in SWNY and they wanted $200 to do mine the last time I got an estimate (4 years ago). My driveway is about 350' long. It takes me about 4 hours and 4 buckets of seal, plus a cost to me is about $75. My time is worth something too, but I like the satisfaction of doing it myself?:fing20:
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Careful guys! It looks like it is a gravity drop. That means that you must use a coal tar emulsion, cut with water. I have been in the business.

Save your money, get a new squeegee every year, and do it. Even if it puts it down, you still have to sqeegee it in. Only saves you the problem of splattering from a five gallon can. Save your money.
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Yeah.. id say go with a pushbroom and some buckets of sealer.
Much cheaper and really not a whole lot of work. When I had a mobile home I did mine that way.. need to do my driveway now but I think its beyond sealing.. has alot of big cracks and spots where its crumbling.. just pushing it as long as I can before having a company put in new asphalt. Dont know what that will cost but I bet its more than your 2200.
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Uhh... i dont understand where your geting 2200 i see $575
2200 was a price he was quoted to have a company seal it for him.
Ran across this while looking at an Asphalt sealing site:

Counterpoint: Is Sealing a Driveway Bad?

One final thought… some asphalt contractors recommend against sealing. The argument: sealers prevent moisture from escaping. If water finds its way under the sealer, it is more likely to freeze and crack than if it were allowed to expand up and out, or evaporate. If you seal the driveway, you’ll be forced to reseal every few years or cracks in some parts of the top coat will exacerbate this problem.
Our jury is still out on this, and without a good study across climates, sealers, and compounds, it would be hard to evaluate the claim. For now, we think the cosmetic benefits of sealing are pretty great, and would recommend it to increase resale value.
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