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Anyone ever seen this......

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The guy said he was having problems bagging....this fixed it.....:eek:
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I've heard of people running blades like that on Gravely decks.

It was optional on Gravely 30 inch decks.
Gravely used the exact same setup as a "lawn mowing" option on the 30" brush mower. I wonder how much extra HP's it takes to run that in thick grass. Not a problem for us "over horspowered" Kawisaki guys though!:D
I have a few Craftsman decks that came like that...
i had a craftsman that was like that. i think it was one i had with a bagger too.
i have see like that but that 2 blades It wrong

1 suppose to be smaller and thin and 1 is normal blade.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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