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Anyone ever driven parts of ROUTE 66??

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Just gathering some ideas together-

-And would like in the not toooooo distant future, to just drive/travel thru a couple of the mid western states on Route 66--the original mother road....
Doing a little research--and going to pick up a couple books in the near future..
Won't happen this year--but thinking down the road....:i_praying

Any experiences?? post what you know

--looks like a lot of interewsting things along the way...

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i have been to Ted Drew's in St. Louis which sits on Rte 66. neat place with frozen custard so good people will stand in line in the rain to get it. ( I was one of those people)
Are you watching NBC's 'Great American Road Trip' on Monday nights??
Are you watching NBC's 'Great American Road Trip' on Monday nights??
No--when did it start??
Old 66 through the midwest ain't what it used to be. slkpk
No--when did it start??
About 3 or 4 weeks ago...They are now in New Mexico..They started in Chicago..
Man--I wished I had known....about the show being on--

I would like to motor thru the eastern part of it--and also ride the Amtrak across part of the country one day---
Two birds w/ one stone here--maybe get to Chicago by train--then a car for some time..
yup...from Ft Leonard Wood west and east to Times Beach. Every time I was on it I thought of the old TV series with the 2 guys and the corvette.
Glenn:: Try to catch The Mother Road on PBS.. great show.. ...B,:trink40:
Glenn:: Try to catch The Mother Road on PBS.. great show.. ...B,:trink40:
Tks-- for the link!!:thanku:
Route 66 here in New Mexico has changed quite a lot over the last few years. Many of the old building are now gone. And that changes the experiance.
Say "hey" to Tow Mater for me :D :D :D
i have a few times several years ago. We were working in Kansas, Colorado, NM, and Arizona for several months and at different times we were on Rt 66. never drove to see the sights though, just to get from Point A to Point B. if i ever get to go again, i plan on making it a learning adventure.
A couple of years ago we went to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. The choice of routes through AZ was Route 66 or the interstate. We took 66 on the way to the canyon and the interstate for the return. The only difference IMO was that you saw the same desert 10 MPH faster on the interstate. Nothing to see on Route 66 in AZ.
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Rt. 66 visit at Dwight, Illinois

Rt. 66 Standard Station at Odell, Illinois

Looking down the tracks at depot in Dwight, Illinois

Depot at Dwight, Illinois

Took these pictures, in 2008, on our way back from the Central States Threshermen's Reunion at Pontiac, Illinois. I had made the trip to Pontiac,several times before, but always went on the interstate. I had some extra time on this trip, so we took the slow way home. What a great road to travel on! When you get near some of the small towns you can see 3 different roads that are all versions of route 66... the original, narrow, 2-lane that goes right through town... the by-pass that went around the town... and in some places, the original 4-lane route 66 is visible where Interstate 55 wasn't built on top of it. The little gas station in Odell is a small museum. The old service station equipment is still inside! There was some history about that windmill at Dwight too, but I've forgotten about it.
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Yep, in Springfield, MO; you absolutely must get a frozen custard (ice cream to me) at Andy's!! Andy's sits right on Glenstone Avenue old route 66, just south of I-44. Springfield is a very retro type town it seems to me.
Anyone ever driven parts of ROUTE 66??

"Ever" That, takes in a long time: travel it in 1963. So not much help on the new changes.
It's on my bucket list. I'd like to drive my Mustang over what's left of Rt. 66 and catch a bit of history.
Check this site for the states you plan to travel through ... Some neat and WEIRD things to see
Wow strange to see my home town of Dwight show up on MTF small world.Bill56 if you stop by Dwight again on your way to or from The Pontiac Threshermans Reunion this Laborday weekend.You can now see a restored Texico station and there are a few famous pictues of this station around.

Last summer Paul McCartney traveled 66 he did not stop at Dwight but he was spotted in the area he did stop at Wilmington I believe?Probably to see the giant martian.
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