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anyone ever deep fried squirrel?

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I have been boiling my squirrels, then baking them wrapped in bacon. Family really likes this (actually they REEEAALLY like it when I boil/pick 'em clean and bake in a casserole with bacon laid on top 'till bacon is crispy), but I have been wondering about trying them in the deep fryer, but wonder if they will be too tough? Anyone done it?:thanku:
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My mother used to deep fry them. They were good!
My mother used to deep fry them. They were good!
Mine too! Give it a try.
pan fried, preffer stewed though
Pick it off the bone first. Cant wait till squirrel season, Got out the shotgun last week and shot it. It shoots nice Pump 12 ga. I might try deep frying it. But boil it with an onion, after done boiling throw out onion and pick meat off bone, roll in flour or shake and bake mix and deep fry. Mmmmmm!!
Ahhh, eatin' squirrel can be messy. I like it pan fried and eat it only when I have lots of time to slurp the meat off the bones. Pan fried limb rat.............Oh so good.
pan fried, deep fried, who cares long as it is fried. served with french fries, fried okra, fried squash, or fried eggplant. sorry, i'm from the South and we fry everything!
Bread em and either pan or deep fry like chicken.....TASTY!!!
You need a nice oak board to start with. Clean the squirrel real good, lay it out on the board and season real good. Bake for 40 min at 350. Remove from oven and then let cool for 5 mins. Then throw the squirrel away and eat the board... .
Lol eat the board. I like to pan fry them myself. Since moving down here I fry a lot, back strap, t loin, heart its all good.
I pressure cook mine awhile, then a corn-meal breading and pan fry. Just had my first mess last nite.
season opens in less than 2 weeks here, got my .22 sighted in and am ready.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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