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anyone added an alternator?

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I have a Bolens tubeframe that has been re-powered with a 13hp honda clone. I intend to use a small atv winch to lift and lower a snowplow, and I'm concerned about the charging system being able to keep up demand, I have 2 amber marker lights on the front, 2 Red on the back, and they are wired to a flasher. I also have 2 55w halogen driving lights on the front. the charging circuit on my motor puts out 3 amps, which is pretty much absorbed by all of my lights.

I'm considering adding a vehicle alternator to run off an accessory belt, a spare groove on the engine pulley. I have in mind a 75 amp ford alternator from a little ranger.

Has anyone done this? Does anyone have any ideas or constructive criticism?
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The wiring diagram is available on as well--its easy to hok up a GM altenator though,you just run a 12V hot wire from the ignition,hot only when the key is "on",to the #1 terminal,and you put a #194 marker lamp bulb in line to that terminal,and you just jump the #2 terminal to the stud on the rear of the altenator (the main output) and its done..the rest is just fabbing up a suitable mounting bracket..I find one off an old 250 straight six is easily adaptable to most inline tractor engines and small HP engines..
You'll have to fab up your own brackets,usually the stock ones used on the vehicle it came from can be modified to work,without much difficulty.. I said earlier,the straight six chevy engine altenator brackets are easy to adapt to most inline engines and small engines,and they are still fairly common in junkyards,if you use an older GM altenator....
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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