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anyone added an alternator?

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I have a Bolens tubeframe that has been re-powered with a 13hp honda clone. I intend to use a small atv winch to lift and lower a snowplow, and I'm concerned about the charging system being able to keep up demand, I have 2 amber marker lights on the front, 2 Red on the back, and they are wired to a flasher. I also have 2 55w halogen driving lights on the front. the charging circuit on my motor puts out 3 amps, which is pretty much absorbed by all of my lights.

I'm considering adding a vehicle alternator to run off an accessory belt, a spare groove on the engine pulley. I have in mind a 75 amp ford alternator from a little ranger.

Has anyone done this? Does anyone have any ideas or constructive criticism?
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I have a Ford 75 amp alternator on hand, it's internally regulated, of the 3 wire variety. I think I'm going to give that a try. thanks for all the responses.
well i'm thinkg of putting mine in one of two possible locations. I could have it hang out the side like a hydraulic pump, or it could probably squeeze under the motor with the pulley facing backwards, and a belt going straight down. another thought i had since i have a mid pto and don't use it, was to put it on that. when i use my snowcaster, I charge the battery - winch draining the battery? fire up the pto. I'll probably end up putting it under the motor, seems the neatest and easiest.
I can fab up brackets no problem, and I'm going to use this ford 75 amp alternator, as I already have it and don't have a use for it. It also has a fairly small case, so it should be able to squeeze into where i want it to go.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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