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Anyone added a 3rd function?

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I may be "underthinking" this again, but after going to both ends of the internet, I've found that adding third function hydraulics to my L2800 so I can add a grapple to the FEL is going to cost between $775 for a kit, to "about $1000" to have a dealer install said 3rd function. That looks like a lot of money for what appears to me to be basically a valve, some fittings and a couple of lengths of hose.
I heard the idea of using the rear connections, but I have a backhoe attached, which is really handy for big stumps, and takes about 30 minutes to remove or reinstall, so that's too big a pain when I'm clearing brush (including trees) from my land.
Has anyone done a "self invented" kit/installation for 3rd function on an FEL that would actually recommend a fairly ignorant wrench turner (me) to try it? Or do the smarter folks here recommend I pay the dealer to install the kit and shut up?
(I feel constrained to add that I'm getting cheap because of how much I'm going to cough up to get the grapple itself, to clear the area to build a fence to enclose the well to serve the barn to...well you get the picture.)
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Depending on the valve set that is currently on the loader, there are 2 options. A monoblock valve set should already have a power beyond kit in it and will only require another valve with its own power beyond kit, plus the necessary hoses (3) and a "T" fitting.

A stacked valve set requires only the purchase of another compatible valve section, longer bolts to hold it together, and 2 hoses.

Not a difficult job either way. Certainly not a $1000 job, more like $300 as a DIY project, unless you're stuck paying your dealers price for a third section of an OEM stacked valve.

This one will give you six functions for less than the dealer's kit will cost. You can plug off the unused spools and remove the handles. Sub it in for the existing valve set.

This page will let you choose which valves you want in a stack. Price for a 3 spool stack is something a little over $300. This will also sub for the existing valve set.

This one for just adding on to the existing system. Requires the power beyond kit, unless the system relief is at the pump instead of the valves.
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