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Anybody recognize this tiller?

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All I have is this single picture to go on. I ask the owner if he could find anything, anywhere, on the tiller(what's left of it) to help identify it. He said all he found was DRT somewhere on the tiller, which all it probably means is dual rotating tines. It has has a 8 HP Briggs but he has no idea if that is the original motor. I though it may be worth parting out if it's worth the drive to pick it up. Anybody have an idea of the make and/or model?

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My first thoughts were a lawnboy as well but but I do remember and still see those old giant craftsmans. The old tiller has seen better days that's for sure. I've bought worse:)
Tdog I'm new here to and there is a trick to it. Before you start typing in the text box, look down and too the bottom right. You will see "post quick reply" on your left, like I am doing now, or you can click "go advanced" on your right. Once you click go advanced you can upload directly from there from your PC. They do have size limits but all mine have been well in range.......except videos:) Hope that helps
Thanks Tdog50 for posting the pictures. Much appreciated!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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