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Anybody deal with installing handcontrols for travel?

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I wanted to say "hi" and thanks for running a nice forum here!

I just sold my little Case 224 workhorse and I am looking to buy a sub-compact or compact, used , with a budget of $7000, give or take.

Here is the caveat. I have a spinal cord injury that limits me to a tractor with hand controls. The Case 224 had a dash mounted throttle and a forward/reverse lever mounted in a similar location that a turn signal lever would be mounted. In short it was perfect for me, no modifications at all.

I have spent most of my life in metal fab industries, installed hand controls in all my street cars and trucks for decades and feel comfortable handling the mods my self. My questions is, has anyone had experience or first hand knowledge of a CUT with forward/reverse travel controls modified for hand use? I will limit my choice of tractor to hydro drive.

I am looking at the BX Kubota series, but would prefer the B series tractors, 20 to 24 hp range. I will be using the tractor for snow removal in winter, and gravel driveway maintenance in the warm months. Front mounted snowblower, box scraper with 3 pt mounting in rear. Loader optional, no mowing deck required.

Any thoughts or input welcome, legal issues not withstanding.

Thanks in advance ,

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well good to know i am not the only one that has had to get creative with hand controls on tractors my recommendation to you would be to find a tractor with a rocker stile peddle set up where the forward and reverse are on the same peddle that way you only got to wurie about one leaver for forward and reverse and another for the brake and as far as attaching controls to them i have always just bolted a bar to the peddles that came up and allowed me to use my hands instead of my feet :thThumbsU
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