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Any have a pic of.....

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How the bag on a Series 13 attaches to the deck. We've got one of the Hi Vac SR828 (8hp 28" cut) models and we can not figure out if we are doing something wrong or if we have the wrong attachment for the deck. The rear bag and chute fit perfect but the part that attaches the chute to the deck is way off. We had read somewhere that all of the 28" and 33" mowers use the same rear bagger so we're not sure whats up with ours. Does anyone have a similar mower with a rear bag that they could post a pic of, more specifically how the chute attaches to the deck? Also maybe one of the just that peice by itself so we can compare? Thanks!
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The hi-vac 28"&33" decks show to use the same "deck adapter". If there's a part number on the adapter post it. I can't get my photos posted,but I have a "RER accessory manual" which shows all factory accy"s,with parts and numbers. Or PM me with e-mail address and I'll e-mail the whole catalog.
More photos of the 28" Hi-Vac deck adapter. (On my Series 23 Snapper)



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The parts numbers are 7019912, 7053660 ,7028785,around $35 new.
Hmm ours looks a bit different than those. It has like a metal thing hanging off the front of the chute that looks like it either latches to something or that something latches to it.
Are you sure you have a bagger for a 28/33? It sounds like you may have one for a 30. The deck transition is totally different as is the tube and rear cover. They look similar, but are not interchangeable. Can you post a pic of your deck adapter?
Not to argue with you MowJoe:looking at the accy. manual.for single bag kit single blade mowers, dated 2003. There are 3 "Adapters" 7057817 25" 7051663 26&30" and 7019912 28&33' 2 tops: 7051947 25" and 7051948 26" 28" 30"&33" 2 tubes 7014517 36" long and 7014750 for 25" 31.5" long.
DC3, you are probably correct. I have been out of the biz since '95 and am unaware if the newer models have changed. When I was selling them, the 25, 26, & 30" machines had the smaller tube.
I'll snap a pic of everything tomorrow.
There are other "adapters" than the ones mentioned, there were kits for 38" 41" 42",as well as Yard Cruiser,Hydro,and "Euro" models. I assume ,you bought the kit extra ,or it came with the mower, uninstalled. someone may have "traded" adapters with you.I have a Snapper manual #06084,for accessories.up to 2003,I got it by accident while trying to download a parts list,on the Snapper website.
There are several guys on this forum who worked on these machine for years,and I bow to their experience,as I know how important that is, I was taught in aviation"never trust your memory,always use the paperwork" And as I age I understand that more and more..but if the "paperwork" is wrong,then we need to know that too.
While were on the subject....
Anyone have the part number for the clear tube for a Snapper RER
bagger? (Helps see if tube is flowing or jammed.) :Stop:
Calrec: the numbers I posted in the previous post are the ones I have. Is a clear tube from Snapper or an aftermarket item? I'll look.
I found a "grass tube clear" P/N 7102423 no model info, no dimensions, any body else? Sears,Norwalk power, and Jacks show it $38 00
The angles look like it would fit the non-hi-vac deck to me.
The illustrations in the accessory parts list for RER Yard cruiser and hydro RER don't really look much like your photo,the metal strap on the front corner is different,Maybe a 42"? I'll look later at YT GT and LT's
The old 26 & 30" mowers used an adapter like that. The metal strap goes through the metal loop welded to the front of the deck. A pin drops through the eye in the strap and hooks over the loop to hold it on. This adapter obviously won't work on your 28.

We used to get the clear tubes back in the 70s and early 80s, but they were discontinued. They didn't last as well as the black ones and soon got dirty enough that you couldn't see through them.
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