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Any Body Heard of a Unitech?

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I hope this is the correct forum? I have run across a Unitech garden tractor for sale (10 hp and 36" cut) and for the life of me I can not find any information on these? I am afraid that replacement parts might be an issue if the tractor is too obscure. It is an LX model and apppears to be from around the early 90's? I am may be completely wrong but I feel it might be related to a RALLY????

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: This is the only picture I could find of a similar Unitech.......

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Never heard of it, or seen one before. Nothing even comes up on Google about them.
I bet thats a Dynamark.
I've heard of a Unitech 12.5-40, but know nothing of the distributor/manufacturer.


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