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Any better option than stock gauge wheels 110506 for mower deck?

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Recently purchased a Toro Wheel Horse 265-6 with a 38" deck P/N 78226

The gauge wheels are shot. Not only are the centers augered out but the rubber is torn up severely.
The replacement gauge wheels are about $15 P/N 110506 (Stens 210-013) but even though they have a grease fitting it seems they don't have bearings and just spin on the mounting bolt.

Does anyone have a better choice for a wheel that would replace the stock ones ?? Preferably ones that have bearings.
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Not that I have found. :(
If the rubber isn't worn through the bearings can be drilled out to 3/4" and install 1/2" ID to 3/4" OD brass or oilite bushings.
You will need new mounting bolts as they get worn also. I have done that on my Wheel Horses and run them until the center of the tread wears through.
The original bearing is very easy to drill out. I had one set of original Toro I bought some years back that I put on my 43 year old C-120-8 last spring. I bought
another set from "Pro-Parts Place" last year In a package deal with 5 rollers. Don't remember the price. I've also bought two set of XHT blade for my 48" WH decks.
They are the toughest blade I have ever had.
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AND usually what shortens the life of gauge wheels is the deck or the gauge wheels height is not adjusted correctly and the wheels are on the ground too often or all time carrying the weight of the deck.
Gauge wheels are for anti scalp and the tractor should be carrying the deck so as the gauge wheels do not touch the ground except when the deck encounters high spots on the ground.
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You may find what you are looking for at McMaste-Carr or Graingers
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