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Another Score

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Walked into the mower shop today to order a new front axle for my MTD rider and one of the owners asked me if I would be interested in this. Shoved a paper under my nose that had a model and serial number on it. I said "Heck Yes". She said go find it in the lot and donate the usual amount and it is yours. Well, this is what it was. A 1996 year model 10518. I had to put one of my spare coils on, clean the tank and carburetor then, put a new pull rope on it. 3rd pull and it was running like only an F engine can. Here are some pictures. Enjoy.


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Great find, I love those mowers, nothing like a F-engine!
NICE FIND! I love finds like that. I also stopped by my local small engine shop and they refuse to work on lawnboys, so when they have one come in, they tend to sell them a snapper. The mowers stay in back.....neglected. I found 2 LB's I need to go back and check on tomorrow.

That 10518 will be a great mower. I love the 10515 I have.....hope to get the 10520 going. Might thing the rest........

F engines are my fav-o-rite! They make a distinctive whirrrrrrr that only the F makes.
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Is that where the huge pile comes from?
Yup, them F-engines are something else. Nice find there Jwor, I gotta get ahold of a nice gold series one of these days myself.
Is that where the huge pile comes from?
No. I found that on the web. That would be a helluva maintenance a day., lol.
Great find, I love those mowers, nothing like a F-engine!
I wish I could say that! Nothing like an M engine is what I say truly and proudly! (That applies to me to say the least.):fing32:
Knight, I figured that was your front yard!!
10518 is a great mower, nice score.
Thanks everyone. I felt a little blessed as I was leaving. Went in to order some parts and come home with this and then, it turned out to be simple stuff to fix. :fing32: :fing32:
Good catch! Congratulations.
Awesome mower, one of my favorites!
thats a nice score!
You have to feel good about that one! :congrats:
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