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Another Radio in cab Thread

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I've added a radio I had in the garage for a few years, to my x720 with a curtis cab. I Bought the antenna at Napa, and got the speakers off the web. It comes in really well, now I can listen to some music when I'm out getting some seat time. I made the mount that you see as well. I know there's been other threads about radio's in cabs and most people use mp3 and a set of earbuds, I didn't want that. I figured I would try my luck and I'm very pleased how it came out and sounds.



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That looks sweet but I already wear hearing aids at 47 so I'm trying to retain what I have left just got a set (for Christmas)of hearing protection headset with radio and plug for mp3 built in tried them out this afternoon worked great in the tractor and doing things around the yard, wife wasn't so pleased when she had to walk out to tap me on the shoulder because I couldn't hear her yelling from the back deck. Like I said work great:thThumbsU
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