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Another project for this fall/ winter

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Like the old TV show hosts used to say, " Hey kids! What time is it?"

Time to reseal the Duraforce this fall/ winter. It's been seeping for a while on my 22261. And while it's apart, might as well clean out the transmission complete & check all the little drive parts, replace original belt, clean exhaust and do whatever else pops into my mind. After 8 seasons of use, can't complain. Fantastic working machine, and well worth the effort to keep it running good. Almost embarrassing to let it go this long.

I may end up clear-coating the engine mount and muffler guard. Also need to touch up a few chips, scrapes and small corrosion places, too.

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I replaced the seal on one of my 22261's 2 years ago. Went very easy and quick. The pulley didnt give me any trouble. I also put on a new belt when i fixed the seal...
Refresh my memory, do you have to split the case to put a new seal in a DF?
Yup looks like it's about due! Glad to hear of someone that actually was able to get one of those pulleys off easily! I have another schoolbus on the bench in need of a lower seal and I'm 3/4 scared to even attempt the removal...

Good to keep up on everything, a little PM goes a long way!
8 years is no shame on a quality machine AL. Thats 3 full murray life cycles! LOL Im sure folks would love pics of the progress!
Refresh my memory, do you have to split the case to put a new seal in a DF?
Yep. Sure do. These seals are 'set inplace', then case closed around them. Cannot drive them in like others. Someday I'll get to do one or even a rebuild. Have yet to pull apart an E series.
I will be following this closely! I need to do this on my 10323 really really bad. Mower has been used a lot! Still runs so nice, Its just a mess there, lots of oil/grime! Take lots of pics if ya have time, as I will need all the help I can get!!!

Thanks for this thread!
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