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Another ''newbie''!

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Hello all from Richwood Ohio. Just one little tractor now-JD 2305. Looking to get another, bigger tractor. I need to bush-hog about 4 acres, 3X per year. I have an older Blue King Kutter 5 ft cutter and methinks that the little 2305 may not be big enough for the job. Does anyone know the difference between rear lift weight at the ends as opposed to rear lift weight at 24''? I wonder if I am trying to lift a rotary cutter that is too heavy for my 3 point lift arms. It only lifts the front of the cutter and the rear wheel stays on the ground. The 2305 is a 24 hp diesel and the weight at the ends of the arms are rated at 1433 lbs, while the rating for the lift arms at 24'' is only 681lbs. Thanks!
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Welcome to the forum!

Probably can get a good answer to your question down on the JD section (CUT). Plenty of sharp JD folks down there.
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