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hi y'all,
I am at the moment just a weekend farmer (grew up on a tobacco farm, hope to put more time in someday gardening?). I have an old, old 16hp Murray Garden Tractor I'm trying to keep going, Model: 81-41660, DoM: 0336. I use it for mowing at my Ma's and over on the farm to keep the place up. Just got a steering disk for that Murray for $60, so I hope I can do better than that from now on!

I also have an old John Deere 430 tractor my Daddy left us, it's hanging in there, I can post more on that later. It's been mighty good in tobacco & gardens but has gotten pretty beaten up. Daddy kept it going somehow with Army know-how, ******* voodoo, something. But I don't have his skills.

Anyway, I am really pathetic working on mechanical stuff, these machines deserve better, so thought I'd join this forum to help seek the help I'll know I need in the future. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts