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Another horse ready for work!

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Hey all,
I bought this 312-8 for $100. It was painted all black, used to rip around the yard, and had the muffler cut. I had a work horse 1100 parts tractor that was given to me years ago that I take things off of when I need them for my working tractors. It was repainted very nicely. I took off the sheet metal and replaced the crap black with the nice looking red. Fitted her up with the 42" deck off of my work horse gt-1600 and mowed some great looking lines with it today. She runs great and sounds beautiful with the new muffler. Here are some pictures to share. The last picture is my next project. Finally starting to work on the stuff that has been sitting in my barn for a few years.


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Keep them horses rolling!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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