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Another Ford in the stable.......

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Picked this up this morning....Ford LGT145....They wanted $100, I gave them $75........14.5 Kohler, Hydrastatic......Tires are good, but otherwise looks "purdy ruff"........Will se if I can get it going, see how it runs....maybe restore this one. If not, parts for my LGT100


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very nice find. I wish I could find me a few more fords.
Nice find. Good luck, I've got one in need of repair also. Have fun.
Appears to be a good restore project, :thanku: for the pics !.
This one has some parts missing.....handle to raise deck, battery....wiring looks chopped up......steering is loose.......muffler is broke....part of hood missing .......yada, yada, yada........

.....I hooked booster cables to it today and it cranks over and seems to have compression......

Will tear into it tomorrow....gotta wait for the wife to go to work........I am hiding it from her today.....she said the other day I was getting too much junk around.....she is right, but I can't help would think after 34 years, she would be used to it.......LOL
Nice find Poncho. You seem to have a knack for picking up the ol' Fords cheaply. If you get her running, I think you'll like the hydro better than the gear drive. I've had mowers with gear drives in the past but love the hydros I have now. No more taking your hands off the wheel to shift. Just use the foot control and off you go.
As for hiding it from the wife, I also have on hiding. An LGT 165 complete with 50" deck. It will be a while before that one comes home for restoration. Too many other projects going.:goodl:
Thanks Mickey....and others. I do have a couple of questions, if you have time......

went out today, put a battery in it and it fired right is smoking quite a bit though........maybe running it longer will cure that. You can see in the picture how bad its smoking.

Anyways, the hydro is low on fluid and is not pulling it well.....What fluid do I use in these?.....Should I change it or just add?

Also, what spark plug?....My LGT100 has a Champion H10C in it....This one has a J19LM.......

One last thing.....Here are the numbers off the Kohler.......Serial# 6017651.....Model# K321AS.....Spec# 60248D

Will those tell me the Year?....I know its from 72-76 somewhere.


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according to your serial number its a 1974
Chuck is right for the year.--1974. As for the smoking, looks like worn piston and rings or valve guides or both. Running it seldom cures these problems.
As for the hydro fluid:
Changing it and the filter is a good idea. Here's the catch: Some hydros have a spin-on filter, while others have an inline filter. If yours is the spin-on, you're lucky. If you have the inline, they are quite pricey from New Holland Ford. Some guys convert to a spin on filter. Kits run cheaper than the actual inline filter.Spin ons take a Fram PH-16 or equivalent.
The recommended fluid is 20 weight hydrostatic transmission oil. It can be found at Tractor Supply Co. if you have any of those near you. If not, Pep Boys Auto or a Farm supply should have some type of similar oil. Be sure you read the label to verify that it is for transmission/final drive usage. Some are strictly hydraulic oil and not to be used in transmissions.
Some people opt for automatic transmission fluid and, while this works, it may not provide the proper lubrication properties for the transmission and Eaton pump. It may run slightly hotter too since it's thinner than 20 weight trans/hydro fluid.
The spark plug should be a Champion H-10C. Most of the bigger K series single cylinder engines use this particular plug. Feel free to ask away if you have any other questions. I'll answer to the best of my ability. Good luck with your project.:goodl:
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Thanks John.....Yes, I have the inline filter....will have to look into one of those conversion kits.....I will just add some fluid for now to test and see how the hydro is going to work........Then will drain and do something with the filter. I guess flushing that inline filter out is not the thing to do?
You can certainly try it. I'm not sure what kind of filtering medium is in it though. If it's paper, it may not hold up to the flushing. When flushing, be sure to go in the opposite direction of the flow. Hopefully, it will hold up.
As for the spin on kits; I know you belong to the Jacobsen/Ford group. I think there is info there on where to get the spin on kits.:goodl:
Nice looking tractor. slkpk
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