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Good Morning, y'all,

I got the limiter chains they work great. Thanks for the suggestions.

Now, though, I'm having a problem with the PTO. It has to be engaged using the clutch, of course, but I was bush-hogging on Saturday, and it kept dis-engaging on it's own. At first I thought my pants leg had caught it, and I put in the clutch and re-engaged it. It didn't happen for a while, but then I went through a patch of really heavy blackberry vines, and the engine bogged down a little. I backed up, went to a lower gear and went on through more slowly, with less strain on the engine. After that, the PTO began dropping out of gear more frequently, making it really frustrating. Hit a bump, and the PTO disengaged. Hit some heavy thick grass, the PTO disengaged. Make a turn, the PTO disengaged.

What's going on and how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance,

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