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Another cab question 214 and 318

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This came off a 214, the guy says it will fit on a 318, I find that hard to believe.

Can somebody help me out here,


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Thats a tough pic to work from but it LOOKS like a 300 series cab to me!
Then again, I am pretty challenged at times hahahaha

I have fabbed a few cabs this year and wouldn't let the dual brake thing stop me... I'd just fab something up... after all it's only the last 12" of frame that would get in the way yes? can be a PITA to modify things! Cabs are getting pretty scarce! I'd grab it and if I couldnt make it work I'd resell it for a profit! hahahahaha does LOOK like the TY cab for the 300 series from the pic!!!!
And...its tough to see in the pic but thats the later cab with the metal front end with the bigger windshield that flips up. MUCH nicer than the older version which has a small shield and tons of vinyl.
Look closely youll see a triangular piece of metal coming from the frame near the bottom left...thats the metal hood bonnet cover thingy that the vinyl attaches to!!
Man...that's gotta be a 300 series!!!!
Its worth what you can get! hahahaha
Up in Upstate NY it's worth $400-$500 this time of year.
I've sold 3 this year and got at least $400 on each. The newer style (which that one has) is more desirable due to the metal piece that meets the hood (as opposed to vinyl) and it has the bigger windshield.
$450 all day long.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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