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another 47 blower question

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sorry, but another 47 question (the chest freezer one) ive greased everything, had new hoses made up, and next up is the gear box oil. So I'm going to pull the lowest plug, which isn't all the way at the bottom, and drain it, then I'm going to pull the top plug and fill it with the recommended cornhead grease. Do I fill it all the way to that top plug? Also, there was a plug I pulled on the auger, right in the middle, is that supposed to have anything in it as well? Thanks
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Cornhead grease is the recommended lube? It doesn't flow unless heated you would have to pump it in. If there is 2 holes I would thing 80-90w oil.
I have no idea, that was recommended on another post of mine, I've never heard of the stuff, in fact I thought the guy was messing with me so I had to google it. 80-90w i have heard of. Do you know for sure about that? I have that stuff on hand.....
In my manual for a 2012 47 blower, is says 80W-90 GL-5 Gear Oil.
The oil level should be even with the bottom of the hole in the middle of the gear case.
I think corn head grease is used for gearboxes that are starting to leak. It is thicker so it leaks slower.

80W90 unless your nursing failed seals. Cornhead grease is for a 49 rear gearbox. Cornhead would probably work fine in this application but if it was mine I'd use the factory fluid. A friend with a bolens 2 stage had his gearbox go out and couldn't find the shaft and told me how he'd fill it every use and it was still steaming hot when done. Cornhead grease fixed him up. You should have seen the smile when he said the gearbox stayed cold.
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I used Cornhead grease in a gear box on a 49 snow blower I rebuilt. I wanted the grease behind the gears after putting it back together, so I used a paint stick to spoon it in and a heat gun to get it to flow with no air gaps.
Green Drink

This is a pic of what it comes in and what it looks like, you will need gear lube. The 49 gear box in later versions use gear lube and have a 90deg elbow for filling.
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80W-90 or 75W-90, preferably in a full synthetic. Yes, topped off to the bottom of the plug. Look for a decent name brand gear lube oil. Corn Head anything? Um, no...not in this application. :)
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