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Annual Wheel Horse show-bound

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Hey folks!

My guys and I are headed for the annual show later this month.
We'll be roughing it with a tent over our truck bed and tractor gazing while the ladies go shopping.

Well, we have a little shopping to do ourselves! :thThumbsU
Our little sad sack 963(?) has already been a tremendous help since last fall in our clearing and landscaping projects, but I think it's time to shine 'er up a little and give her some clothes.

I'll be hoping to find a correct engine and sheet metal while we're at the show, as well as pulley's and such as necessary to get our 36" mower hooked up.

There is a K181 on it now that is too big to allow the hood to fit properly. If you happen to have parts or attachments for this tractor, I'd love to hear from you beforehand to see about meeting up somehow. If I can find the 6HP engine at the show, I'd sell the 8HP right there if anyone needed one.

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Rich, I'll be headed there too, with the wife and my 2 girls (9 and 11, tell your boys not to get any ideas... lol )

Looking forward to meeting you!

Looking at your tractor, it's not a 963 as they never made one... It is definately a 1963 tractor, judging by the steering wheel and front axle. Probably a 753 or 633... The hood SHOULD clear just fine with the K181, but the battery not so much with the gear driven starter. Looks like you also have the "thin" air breather, so that shouldn't be an issue. If it were me, I'd just convert it to a starter/generator and run with it... The k181 is a GREAT engine!

(a side note... the k141 6hp, k161 7hp and k181 8hp are physically the same size)

Here is a pic of my 633 with a starter generator K181...

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Hey Jon, maybe we'll see you there.

It would be great to keep the K181, it really is an amazing torque monster for its size. Sounds like the PO had the wrong hood then. It's all hacked up tyring to work around the muffler and won't attach at the front. Maybe I can find a hood that fits while I'm there.

The battery is currently under the seat, which I don't like because it doesn't lie flat, among other reasons.

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If you can, post some pics of the engine and the hood... Maybe we can figure out what is going on...

All you need for the S/G conversion is (from a S/G k141,161,181) blower housing, flywheel pulley, S/G mounts and of course the starter/generator and belt.... and the S/G belt cover (optional). You should be able to find those at the show pretty easily.

Looking forward to metting you at the show! Jon
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When and where is the show?
June 26th and 27th.... South Mountain Fairgrounds... Arendtsville, PA
Here's the WHCC site...

Use this address to get directions (mapquest, googlemaps, etc.)

615 Narrows Rd.
Biglerville, PA 17307
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Attached are some pictures of my hood and its problem fitting on the tractor.

Also some other pics to show the pulleys present on the right, and on the left, a lack of the handle that raises/lowers implements.

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the gas tank is a two piece and it could be a 854 tractor you said it had a 8 hp kohler now thats right for the 854 the hood i would like to see a picture of the bottom were the front piece goes all the hoods with the gas tank cut out in the rear like yours should fit just some are one inch longer than the others and you have to use the small air cleaner the muffler need to be turned down more thats whay the hood was cut to fit my guess this afternoon i will take some pictures of the 754 that in the shop at this time getting redone for the show along with its other three brother 754s
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Okay, you need to re-route your exhaust. You could probably just turn it down some, if you can get it to break loose. See the exhaust on my pic.

It is a '63 tractor, see the battery box? It's welded on. The '64s were bolt on, so it's not a 854/754...

Just an observation... Your front axle needs some attention. Looks like the center pivot pin is about to fall out. that could be dangerous or cause damage to the tractor. And the tie rods are supposed to go into the steering arms through the bottom... Someone has put them in through the top, possibly because they are worn out and the sockets fall apart, or they might be too long and they put them that way to get the toe closer to where it's supposed to be.

Looks like all you need is the return spring and belt on the mower drive and you'll be in business!

Looks like you have a GREAT tractor to start with!

If you can't find the implement lift lever at the show, let me know. I have SEVERAL of them laying around. If I remember, I'll throw one in the truck and bring with me.

Hope this helps, Jon
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Glad to see you are lerarning some stuff about the earlier "Horses's, and are trying to round up some parts...
There willl be plenty of stuff there....get there as early as possible for the best deals--but walk around a bit--and check things out...Don;t jump on the first sheet metal you see...

I see a couple of enthusist's have already comitted to the show..Good show--Guys!!

Alas--with heavy heart-- :Disgus:
I cannot make it this year, because of other committments/time restricxtions----and I really wanted to take one of my GT-14's, as they will be the featured tractor this year...

However--I know of one Big GT that will be going from this area, and knowing the owner--it will be pristine! and I know several others that will carry their show armadea, as always!!!

Ride easy--Oldandred/Wild Bill/ Dancey...and the rest!!

I'm there with you guys in spirit--and I'm sending one with a shopping list...

And I want--No --We demand--Pictures!! :wwp: :wwp:

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well what about the two tractors ??? 633or 653 what do need to know ??
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