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...and the harvest continues

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A few green bell peppers harvested October 24, 2010.
It's late in the year for these, but it seems they are not done yet.

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If you have some green tomatoes, pull them and wrap them in newspaper, they will ripen..:thThumbsU
Great idea Ken! But, the maters are long done.

All that is left is some bell peppers, and some banana peppers.

I bought the bell pepper plants early in the Spring, from an Amish lady. She says they are all from heirloom seeds. There was excessive rain in the Spring, and the garden was flooded. The growth of the peppers was stunted all summer long. So, now they are producing in late October. It's just so strange.

I did consider tilling them under... but, they didn't die. They just stayed small all summer long. It's just strange. I never saw anything like it.
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Around here if you can keep the peppers and tomatoes alive through the summer they will start producing again when the extreme heat stops. They are all I had for a summer garden this year. The stink bugs were so bad, I had so many other things to do, I let them go. The tomatoes died. Somehow the peppers survived. I think being covered with grass protected them from the heat. I pulled the grass, fertilized and watered them and they are doing well. I picked 8 Sunday.
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Having them start growing again is new to me. I guess I'm not used to the climate here yet?

Temps went below freezing last night.

I think I'm gonna have to pick the last the the peppers today.

Still I'm grateful for what I got. They would've been done long ago, if I were up north. :thThumbsU
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Frost has come. Very last peppers of the season. Harvested 11/06/2010

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Nice for November that far north. We had a heavy frost here Friday morning. My raised garden is close enough to the trees that it was protected. Peppers and tomatoes are doing fine.
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