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Amazing Husqvarna backpack blower!

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I bought this thing factory reconditioned from newegg of all places. It was rated highly by consumers, and my electric one that's older than me is on the fritz so I figured what the heck, 159.99 and free shipping, can't beat it.

I was right. This thing started on the 3rd crank out of the box and idles smoother than my truck. Its way different than a handheld blower.....and oddly enough, quieter too! It's so comfy it's just amazing to me.

I can blow leaves easily at idle, I only give it any gas if the leaves are wet or I can't get near the leaves and need to blow them from a distance (say, under a vehicle for instance). It burns so little fuel that I went to add the tiny amount of sta-bil to the tank of gas after I used it for the first time to blow off my back patio, my carport and my very long driveway that I barely had enough room in the tank to add the sta-bil! It literally burned about 1/2oz of fuel for 15 min of running!!

Here is the pic of it.

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Thanks for the review. I have a 30+ year old hand held Echo that is finally showing signs of wear. I've broken many of the vanes in the shield on the air intake, shortened the pull start rope several times due to fraying. And, now I've got a bit of a fuel delivery problem that I've been wrestling unsuccessfully for about a year.

I use mine to "clean" out the garage a la Bill Murray, to blow off the deck, patio, walk ways and dog kennel. And, to clean my spouts. To clean the spouts I carry it up a ladder to the roof, walk along the edge and blow them out. Often I start the blower, run it for a couple minutes, literally 2-3.

So, a few questions for you. How convenient is it to start and fling over your shoulder?
How convenient is it to start while on your shoulders? I keep thinking that the way I use mine, I'd be inconvenienced by the back-pack design, and better served by just breaking down and buying a new hand held.

Thanks again
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