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Always re-inventing the Wheel... That is if it works

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The past several years as I get older, I'm having arm ache when mowing with the JD Z710A Ztrak. All due to the handle bars that John Deere has designed. I've tried different seat positions, hoping this would help. Also, tried adjusting the handle bars, but that didn't help.
So, my thought are to come up with a another way to mow and not have to buy another lawn tractor.

After some thinking, I have solved the problem with my aching arms after mowing.

Here's what I have done, and it really works. I can now lay back in the seat and have my arms resting on the seat arms rests and still mow comfortably without any straining on my arms.

All the parts I have put into this design are about $17.80 for the two swivel brackets and 7/8" dia. tubing and handle bar grips.

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Neat idea, very creative fix!
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