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well the original transaxle mount was torn from the body to the bolt holes, so what did i do? measure the old one then cut it off with a sawzall. Made an even more beefier mount. all was done at home with a hand drill, to bend the metal i used oxy ace rig with the cutting torch attatchment. went as heat metal in vice hammer it and watch it bend. and ideas on improvement or suggestion i will accept. overall the new mount is same height with old mount only an 1/8th or less off.

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Looks like a good repair to me. Mat want to paint it to keep it from rusting; did you check the transmission case for stress cracks?
i recently put fresh grease in trans axle and fixed a few things inside yes it was all good no cracks
well i just went at it again...

new shifter knob that i made to look like a piston

a gaurd to prevent my boot from rubbing up against the exhaust pipe and melting...
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