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Alternator output question

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I'm working on a headlight mod on my JD L120. I would like to know the output specs on the alternator or can I check it myself and how. Would not like to draw on the higher limits of it. Thanks in advance, Allan.
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If you take the engine model and spec numbers to a website that sells parts, like Tecumseh Parts | MTD Parts | Kohler Engine Parts | Redmax Parts | Yard Machine Parts | Rotary Parts | Sears Parts | Murray Parts | Bradley Parts | Craftsman Parts | AYP Parts | Kohler Engines, you can look up the stator and usually the parts info will give a 4amp, or maybe 6amp.

If you're doing real lights, as opposed to the original automotive type bulb versions, you might consider powering them through a 4 prong relay, so that the load is carried by the relay, and they are powered by the battery. It's a quick and easy install (in case you've not done such a thing yet), and the relays are cheap.
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