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Alternative Ignition Switch Needed for ToryBilt Model 47287 (ca 1995-2000) Chip/Shred/Vac

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Hey Folks, I need help finding an acceptable alternative ignition switch, hopefully METAL, and help translocating wiring from current to the new, which seem to come with too many terminals and some or most of these options "M = Magneto, S = Starter Solenoid, L = Lights, A = Accessory, B = Battery, G = Ground, I = Ignition, R = Regulator/Rectifier.

This has battery start and handpull start.

I just, again, replaced a 4yo part #1902790MA in Murray catalog, which replaced #1902790 in TroyBilt catalog, and I expect this plastic to fail again just as soon. Bottom of plastic switch housing keeps breaking loose and dropping down out of switch mount atop engine. It is a four terminal three position (Off-Run-Start) INDAK switch with M1, M2, B and S. There is an unused terminal mounting position marked I on the plastic. The first two are screw and eyelet connectors and the second two are spade

I have chased the wiring from each to the whole of the unit, if that is helpful.

M1 screwed terminal wire runs from switch down to a block low down on the mechanical throttle assembly and has an allen keyed screw fastening through that wire and the assembly and into the lowest portion of the engine casing.
M2 screwed terminal wire runs from switch down to a block higher up on that throttle assembly and that block has another wire running off it and upward behind the carburetor body and disappears farther up toward cylinder head with spark plug on top. Further, there is another short wire connecting to a spring tab on the throttle assembly that the throttle lever hits to complete a circuit as it moves to stop position.
B spade terminal wire (or S, cannot separate wires to nail this down) runs down to BARE post on the solenoid which has two other wires attached. One being the POS wire running from battery. The other wire runs up toward the geared end of the starter motor and disappears behind the shroud of the pullstart.
S spade terminal wire (or B...) runs down to screw post at BASE of the solenoid.
Other connections:
NEG from battery grounds on engine casing.
Booted wire from Solenoid runs up to base of starter motor.
Briggs&Stratton Engine Model 192437, Type zero625A1, Code 9612zero7YD
To describe locations of the terminals as viewed on the bottom of the ignition switch:
B is at 12 o'clock,
S is at 4 o'clock,
M2 is at 6 o'clock,
[blank, marked I] is at 8 o'clock,
M1 is at 10 o'clock.
I can provide pictures or elaborate on details, as needed.
Thank you, in advance, for anyone willing to help out with this problem. I'm patient. My leaf mulching is done for this year....