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Alternate to Kubota UDT fluid?

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I see that TSC carries the Travellers brand the meets the UDT specs and is $44 for a 5 gal bucket. Anyone use this in their Kubota instead of the overpriced dealer fluid?

Also, I use the read sticky grease on everything and will be converting to it on the Kubota also.

thanks for the replies.
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I used the Travellers UDT equivalent at the 50hr fluid change. Thing to remember is that it meets UDT specs, not SUDT specs. While it will work, I just bought a 5gal of the Kubota SUDT a few months ago while I was in the shop picking up my bar tread wheels. The UDT isn't as good in really cold weather, and Ohio gets plenty cold in Jan-Feb to justify the SUDT, IMO.
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Thanks, My owners manual states equivilent to the UDT fluid and on the travellers bucket it states replacement for Kubota UDT.

We get a little cold weather here in E. Tn but not like Ohio.
Theres been mixed reviews on that Travellers fluid. The majority of folks that have tried it (and posted on internet tractors boards), in newer HST tractors didn't like it, the main complaint was that it caused the HST to whine more. Some even remarked that their FEL was alittle slower. But theres been a few that use it and have indicated that they didn't see any difference and liked it. Some have run it for yrs without issue.
As old as your model is, it may not cause any problems and work great.
I've not read anywhere that it's caused any damage.

UDT = 20w
sudT = 10w20
SUDT wasn't out when your model was made and it's probably ran UDT (or equivalent) since new. It would probably be a waste of $$$'s to use SUDT in your machine in our E TN climes.

re. the Travellers red grease, I use it in my BX23 and it seems to be fine "knock on wood". It sticks to everything and water doesn't seem to dilute it easily. It'll stain your clothes too :D

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I am going to try the Travellers brand and see.

Yes, the red grease sticks to everything and stains but it seems to work well.
Is this the red grease you are referring to? A neighboring farmer put me on to this stuff.


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