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Allis vs. Simplicity push blade

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I'm looking for a push blade for my Simplicity 7116
An Allis blade showed up on the local craigslist for $40

Guy said it was for a B-112
It looks like the same general hookup that my Simplicity should have. The lift arm is a little further forward than it should be, but I think I should be able to attach a cable from it to my front lift - as long as it doesn't hit my frame.

I called the guy and he's still got it, going to look at it tomorrow. I'll take a tape and measure the hookup on my 7116, as that would seem to be the most important thing

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The later model 46 or 48 inch blade with the springs is not only a perfect fit, but a way better blade, I see them in your area in the 100-140 price range quite often, as will you, as soon as you buy this one, still it's a steal at that price, but I think it will look disproportionate on the big 7116.
Thats the wrong push frame for the 7116. It is for the smaller frame tractors such as the 101. It will attach to the lower ears but you won't be able to lift the plow because the lift arm will hit the frame of the tractor. The push frame for the larger tractors looks like this

The trip blade is not neccessarily better depending on what you want to do. Its good for pushing snow, but because of the trip mechanism you can't really use it for grading a driveway or other thngs that involve scraping. The smaller plow is rigid so it will scrape like a dozer blade.
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if you have the tools you can modify it to fit.
Allis/Simplicity does not matter,you just need the right one.Or make it fit like others said.I looked for a LONG time for the 7100 series front blade before i found one by acciident.Here's a pic of the correct one.


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With a welder and a few tools you can make anything fit...
Thanks guys
The spring-loaded snow blade doesn't suit my purpose as well, I just need it for pushing dirt around.

I went ahead and picked it up today, its not often that something I want off craigslist is less than 10 min away. I feel the price was fair on it too, and its the first blade for a Simplicity / Allis garden tractor that I've seen on craigslist alone. Seen a couple Simplicities being sold with them, but usually it was the only attachment or the owner didn't feel like splitting the lot.

For reference, here's how the small push frame looks on a large frame garden tractor:

As arathol said, it pinned up to the tractor fine, but can't tilt back without hitting. Not a big deal, I think I'll take an angle grinder to the existing welds, position it, and take it to a local welding shop and have them do the 4 or so spot welds.

I'm assuming the fake-weld glue stuff they sell in homedepot wouldn't hold up as well - if at all.
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I'm assuming the fake-weld glue stuff they sell in homedepot wouldn't hold up as well - if at all.
I hope you are kidding!:fing20:
Mostly kidding. As far as JB Weld claims go this would seem an ideal use

Ended up buying an angle grinder from Northern Tools, should have bought one a long while ago. Would have saved me many small expensive Dremel bits. I cut it up, sanded down what I could, positioned it, and took it to a local welder guy. He did a nice, clean job.

For the lift I used a three foot 3/8" stainless steel cable from Home Depot. I know it came with a sort of push rod with a spring relief, but I can't imagine it added all that much down pressure. The wire seems to work fine, I looped both ends and attached it with bolts.

Here's some shots of it. I painted it with the Chevy Engine Block Orange-Red spraypaint from Advance Auto, once it gets a layer of dirt on it I think it'll look fine. I redid the cover plates on my mower deck with the same color and it looks great

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You are going to want to put the spring system symplicity had. First time you hit something that rod is goin to bend...
You are going to want to put the spring system symplicity had. First time you hit something that rod is goin to bend...
He is using 3/8 cable

The factory lifting rod with the springs will put enough down pressure to allow the blade to dig some, with out it like you have it, the blade will just ride over everything.

I would keep looking for a correct blade that will fit the 7116.
Ahhh, I thought it was a rod... Makes more sense.
Yeah, 3/8" cable. Zero down pressure, but the blade is heavy enough that it pushes what I've tried pretty well. If it hits a rock it just bounces up.

I did space the lift arm on the bracket so that it's the equivalent 15" from the tractor (thanks for the diagram arathol) so I should beable to use a standard Simplicity push rod if I can find one.

For the moment all I'm doing is leveling loose dirt (churned up with the tiller) so I'm alright for now.

Partstree -,+42"+Dozer&dn=19358
Looks to be about a hundred bucks all together. No thanks.
If I really need it to dig I could buy a couple weights and tie them under the bracket
Great score windfish
Looks good on the tractor.
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