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Allis D17 s4 ran well last month, now turns over but won't start (?)

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Last month, the D17 fired right up with no issues. Then the other day I tried it and the battery was totally dead (I left the cable on). So tried to jump it and it turned over, but wouldn't catch (tried choke on and off) and yes I had the gas shuttle on. We could smell gas.....flooding I suspect. Replaced the battery -it was old anyway- and checked the distributor. The magneto looked fine, Points were not scorched and lead line arced. Plugs all pulled and each one was sparking. When I had the plugs pulled and each was wet and each cylinder blew like a whale spout so I figured she was flooded. So let her sit for a day then tried again....besides the fact that there was gas all over -I left the shuttle on and it was dripping like crazy from the carb! -it would turn over easily, but again not even sound like it was going to catch. I replaced the plugs regardless thinking they weren't sparking enough(?) and still no joy. What now? (Gas was fresh.) Carb jetting? It's my first Allis, so I don't know the nuances yet. It's such a simple machine, you'd think it'd be obvious. Is there a bleeder valve that I'm missing? A kill switch I erroneously hit? A butterfly valve I can check easily? A secret to these old choke knobs? Best throttle position for starting? :Disgus:
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If the fuel level in the tank is higher than the plugs and if the float in the carburetor has gone bad and sunk to the bottom of the fuel bowl, gas could flow directly into the cylinders. That's a common problem with the "up draft" type carburetors. I would definitely install a working fuel shut off valve first thing.
I can't say that I have ever seen a Series 4 D-17 with a magneto installed, but stranger things... Please check your engine oil for fuel. That stuff can ruin an engine quick by diluting the motor oil.
I would then order a carb kit and check the float for liquid on the inside of it. You can hear it sometimes when you shake them or they will feel heavy. If that float has gone south for the winter, your getting to much gas and not enough air to ignite the mixture, so it won't run.
Just my first impressions anyway.
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Sounds more like spark. Was the spark snappy, bright blue on the plugs? A weak yellow spark when the plug is out, may not be strong enough to fire under compression. Verify timing as well.

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