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Allis D15 Series ll Lift Capacity

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I have scoured the web and cannot find this anywhere - what was the lift capacity on the D15 Series ll 3 pt hitch / Snap Coupler? Mine has what looks like the original snap coupler which has the 3pt conversion added to it, just trying to figure out what it was actually rated to lift.
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Well Nate I have to agree. It does look like that is top secret information only available to people willing to tattoo A-C on their forehead and paint themselves orange. :mad: But in looking around I did find several articles about the history and such. You have probably read these, but if not...

Snap-Coupler Hitch System

Snap Coupler Better?

Allis-Chalmers Tractors during the 1950s and 60s
Hi Nate18232 ,,,
.....looks like Newsman found some good stuff for you to take a look at.hope it helps you!
Thanks guys, I read all those articles and more, nothing seems to actually put a # on the lift capacity. I was hoping maybe an operators manual or something was kicking around out there that actually says what the rated lift capacity was :(
Would anyone happen to know where I can find a free digital shop / service manual for the D15 (or is buying one the only option)?
I get mine from Manuals Lib. --- if you follow the directions there, you can download the pdf files to your computer, then print out a paper copy of the complete manual to read.-- OR read it there---your choice! ----they have millions of manuals on file for a lot of stuff.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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