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Allis Chalmers

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Hey All

I just found a allis chalmers for sale in my neighborhood. are these strong tractors ? can they take abuse ?
and is 700 dollars neg too much ? He says it is in good condition but does not mention if it runs.

Thank you
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looks like a good old tractor im not real familiar with them but but have heard they are very well built and great workhorses i would try $500 first though and see if he takes it just show up with cash and work up to a good deal for both of you if needed but $700 does seem a little steep if you have cash you might be able to persuade him a little more to a better deal for you good luck and just make sure you check it over good before laying out the offer remember if you buy :wwp:
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They are GREAT machines,go for it! :thThumbsU
Going to need more info to answer your question. What model is it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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