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Allis Chalmers B find

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I am always on the look for small tractors I like the Garden tractors but I found this Allis Chalmers B it looks like its been sitting for quite a while. I know nothing about this little tractor except I sure would like to own it and give it some TLC its a shame that it is sitting rotting away


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Those are powerful little tractors for their size, @ 19+ hp on the drawbar. That one looks to be in pretty decent shape. It'd be great if the engine isn't locked up. Can't really tell if there is a flapper on the exhaust or not. Someone has converted it to 12V.

Some folks seem to take offense if you ask it they would sell, or if it is for sale. Anymore, I ask them if they know where there are any more of those for parts, and ends up they offer what they have... ;)
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Now that's sad. 2 inline fuel filters? Really?!?
I would stop in and ask if it is for sale. Worst that can happen is they say no with a few cuss words which don't mean nothing.
That's a nice tractor!
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