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Allis Chalmers 712s BGB slop

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I’m in the process of doing a predator swap on my dads AC 712s, the kohler k301 that was on it had the wrong sized shaft for the front clutch assembly, and it had broke the front drive shaft disc and bent the driveshaft, now that I have the predator engine mounted properly, adapter made for the front disc coupling and a new driveshaft made I noticed while I was assembling everything that the rear disc coupling that attaches to the bevel gear box input shaft has a lot of play side to side up and down all around, is there a bearing that broke when the driveshaft broke free from the front coupling disc? I don’t think that all that play would be normal, it moves 1/4” or more side to side or up and down. I spun the shaft on the BGB and it will turn the rear wheels and pto. Just not sure if the play is normal or not Any input would be very much appreciated!
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