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allis chalmers 1961 d10

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I recently inherited my grandfathers 1961 AC D10. It has been completely restored but has sat for 10 years. There is no battery in the tractor. How can I tell if it takes a 6v or 12v battery?

If I were to sell it, how much should I ask for it?

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Hey jr72
to My Tractor Forum ....They are SOMEWHAT a collector item you can get info here Allis Chalmers D10 tractor information the earlier ones were 6 volt...later ones were 12V...but a lot of 6s were converted to 12V....there is no battery in it to compare? you can also ask on however that site has been down since yesterday.....if it is as nice as this one in this picture you could possibly get $2,500 for it....but it depends where it is located...the prime area for them is in the midwest.....I would love to see pictures of it if you have any..
Allis Chalmers D10
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$1.55 and I'll be right over to pick it up! :)

Congrats on inheriting the D10. I grew up on an AC WD-45! Maybe see what the generator has on it, it may state 6 or 12 volt. Also if you have headlights look and see if bulbs are 12v, that should give you an idea if it was changed to 12v. Good luck!
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