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I'm not really looking to sell my Allis but I'm curious as to what it's worth.

The tractor it self is ugly and shows it's age (it's a pre-64 model, w/the 9hp 23D Briggs.) The motor runs good but needs rings. I put in new axles seals, and it shifts and drives good. It's not perfect but works as designed. It's almost 50 years old so there's some play in the steering and the gears are a little noisy. Both front tires are new and the rears hold air. I've repainted the wheels, hood, and dash. I've also fitted a newer model seat and put a new exhaust on. It has a manual lift system. I've got 2 sets of tire chains that fit. Value on the tractor?

I've got a blade that goes on the front, it's complete. The paint is old and chipping but it is sound and works fine.

I also have a complete 3-belt single stage snowblower that goes on the front. I have used this last year and it's complete and works good. Has cosmetic flaws. Not sure on the brand, but it's yellow.

Next is a mid mount 42"? 3 blade deck. All of the spindles are in good shape and it cuts great. Like everything else the paint is no good but it's not rotten and is good structurally.

I've got the tiller that mounts on the rear of the tractor. I have not tested this but it seems like it's all there except for the belts. I have the tensioner assembly.

Last is a cultivator that mounts on the rear like the tiller. It's all there but I don't know much about it. Haven't tested it.

Could someone give me a price maybe on each item and then a value for everything together? I know being in Missouri the blower really isn't of much use but it's worth something.

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