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Allis B

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I am new here and have been browsing the forum a bit and thought I would share a bit about my B which plows our driveway every winter (boy did she get a workout this winter).

In 1944 she was bought by the family whose little boy would grow up to be a teacher of mine in High School. It was sold by a local car dealer/tractor dealer whom I worked for in high school after working on the local farms from the age of 10. This family owned her till the father died late in 1973. It replaced a team of horses and after I refurbished her she went back to a family reunion on the family farm and the grand children got to see and drive her and a old neighbor who had been there the day she showed up on the farm told me that memory. They even had a cake with her picture in the frosting on it.

Enclosed you will see a picture of her in 1945, then a picture of her now. The tractor was sold to a man in 1974 who became my shop class teacher in high school. He owned it until he sold it to me in 2010. It ran a buzz saw, plowed, cultivated and did other odd jobs there and was rescued from a burning barn once by a hired worker who didn't want to see it burn.

As mentioned she plows snow here and this year we had a big storm with -20 temperature with wind chill dipping into the -30's and it is claimed hit -40 at times. She started up and plowed with no problems.

There are two Allis' in my garage... the other is a 1941 WC. My other tractor is a Case SC while it is not a Allis is a interesting project in itself..... Hope this post is appropriate here...

God Bless You All,


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Nice looking little B. My dad owned a B in 1956 for a few months. Said it was to much of a sabith tractor to suithim since it seemed to take all day of a sunday to get it to start and one spin of the crank Monday thru Saturday.
He replaced it with a WC and added a couple WD's latter on.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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