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Allis B

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I am new here and have been browsing the forum a bit and thought I would share a bit about my B which plows our driveway every winter (boy did she get a workout this winter).

In 1944 she was bought by the family whose little boy would grow up to be a teacher of mine in High School. It was sold by a local car dealer/tractor dealer whom I worked for in high school after working on the local farms from the age of 10. This family owned her till the father died late in 1973. It replaced a team of horses and after I refurbished her she went back to a family reunion on the family farm and the grand children got to see and drive her and a old neighbor who had been there the day she showed up on the farm told me that memory. They even had a cake with her picture in the frosting on it.

Enclosed you will see a picture of her in 1945, then a picture of her now. The tractor was sold to a man in 1974 who became my shop class teacher in high school. He owned it until he sold it to me in 2010. It ran a buzz saw, plowed, cultivated and did other odd jobs there and was rescued from a burning barn once by a hired worker who didn't want to see it burn.

As mentioned she plows snow here and this year we had a big storm with -20 temperature with wind chill dipping into the -30's and it is claimed hit -40 at times. She started up and plowed with no problems.

There are two Allis' in my garage... the other is a 1941 WC. My other tractor is a Case SC while it is not a Allis is a interesting project in itself..... Hope this post is appropriate here...

God Bless You All,


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:MTF_wel2: ChuckF. Great restoration and a great story.

We have a farmall A with a similar story. My grandpa bought it to replace the horses and we still have it today.
Hi Cjet69,
Thank you and that is great your family still has the Farmall A. I like the A's they are a great tractor. My father is a Farmall guy and that was the first tractor I drove when I was 8. :) Any pictures? :wwp: I would love to see her. :)

God Bless You,
Chuck :)
Here you go. Its a 1941 and my grandpa brought it home from Ellensburg, WA in 1946. The pic by the chicken barn is shortly after they got. Then my grandpa mowing in the mid fifties followed by my dad after the last restoration. The last pic is me behind the wheel at 2 yrs old with my older brother.


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Great pictures!!!
Your family has taken great care of the A!!! What a family treasure. I love seeing pictures like this and it sure is a tribute to how well that tractor was made lasting through at least three generations and still working. Thanks for sharing these fantastic pictures!:thThumbsU

In appreciation,

Chuck F :thanku:
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Nice looking little B. My dad owned a B in 1956 for a few months. Said it was to much of a sabith tractor to suithim since it seemed to take all day of a sunday to get it to start and one spin of the crank Monday thru Saturday.
He replaced it with a WC and added a couple WD's latter on.
Thank you Alleyyooper! That is interesting about your dad's B. I also have a WC from 1941 and she is a sweet running tractor. I'll have to post about her here too... :)

God BLess You!
Chuck :)
Good story about your B, Chuck...its nice to have something from the older generation, even though for them it was necessary for survival and for us it is for fun (mostly) and for nostalgia.

I too have an old "bow axle" B sitting by the shed....needing a bit of work. I forgot what year it is, but I don't think its a '51 like the previous owner told me.

I'm re-doing a '52 C now, I think one of the last C's just before the CA came into being. Could be wrong on that though. One of these days, there'll be some pictures....

I like that Farmall A too...
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Hi Tractorman 44!!

Thanks for the kind comments. To think it goes back to the days of horse farming is very interesting to me. :) They did need them for a living and those old iron horses sure came through.

You are redoing a C? Cool! We definitely want to see pictures. :) Would love to see your B too.. :)

God Bless You,

Chuck F
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Hi Chuck!
Thats a nice Allis B! You did a great job restoring it!
I have an Allis EB which is similar to yours that I'm hopefully going to restore!
God Bless You too,

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