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Allis 620/tiller

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anyone know of a tiller for the 616/620720 for sale rear mount,factory unit is what i'm looking for,seen one but it was so wore out it would have cost a fortune to fix up,i have had no luck on the allis forum they must be few and far between ot no body wants to sell them
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They are tough to find, and pricey when they pop up. If I were you, I'd post a want ad on CL. I've been amazed at how many locals respond.
I just found this thread while searching for some info..........I have one that I would sell but I am a LONG ways away from you. I am currently using mine on my JD but am wanting to get a John Deere Tiller to replace it.
ya I see you are a long ways,to bad too,i got a buddy that deals in john deere ,,and im pretty sure he has what ur lookin for
is this tiller shaft driven takes a 3 point hitch and needs a 2000 rpm pto
Pretty sure it is, Jack. There was just one recently on ebay that went for $350....lackluster bidding, I thought. I've seen them bring double that. Heck, a 38" HD tiller for a Soveriegn brings double that sometimes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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