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Allis 190XT Hydraulic Issue

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Hello everyone,

I am hoping hoping I can gain insight on how to keep an Allis Chalmers 190XT alive on the family farm. I am 42 years old and grew up with a 190XT Series 4 on the family farm. I have a lot of memories with the tractor. My dad passed away last year to cancer, and I would love to keep the tractor running and working on the farm.

The hydraulics are giving me issues, and I guess they were giving my dad issues also for many years. Here is the story. The tractor runs great when you first start it up, but as is runs the hydraulic pump begins to suck air, and the hydraulic oil turns white. When you let the tractor sit and cool down the oil turns normal again. Well I guess my dad had the same issues with it, because he put on used pump at a salvage yard trying to fix it. The second pump did the same thing, and he left the tractor sit as the cancer progressed.

I used the tractor recently, and had the same issues with the tractor not running with the hydraulic oil turning white from sucking air. This means the power steering gets harder to turn when the tractor warms up, and then finally the transmission stops due to no pressure.

I took the 2nd pump off and had it inspected at a AGCO dealer. They said it could use a rebuild kit, but upon pricing parts it would be well over the cost of a new pump. New pumps run around $1500 for a dual stage pump. I hate spending money from dad's estate that goes to my mom, but we broke down and bought a used pump again at a salvage yard that had a build date on it from 1/2005 for $750. Thinking it was the issue of a bad pump from the 2nd pump, I gained hope and went with this pump. Finding used pumps are getting hard to find for this tractor, so I jumped at the idea. :(

Well I put it on the tractor and the tractor seemed to run longer than before before it locked up, but in the end the oil turned white, and I am back to the same problem. I find it hard to believe that three pumps could all be bad.

Does anyone have any knowledge they could share on where to look on the tractor to find the cause of it sucking air. Could there be something with the transmission causing it? Could the transmission cooler on the front grill be plugged causing a slowdown? Is the bottom of the hydraulic reservoir dirty, and it is not allowing the suction link to the pump to flow correctly? All the hydraulic clamps are tight on the suction line to the pump. There are no hydraulic leaks on the machine, which makes it hard to locate.

Thanks for any input.
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