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Hey guys I have a little 2 hp 10 gallon Air compressor and it has had a leak for awhile. The other day I was putting on a new coupling and taking my time, it kept turning some and then snap. It broke part of the piece it screws on so I jb welded it up good and it is pretty much sealed but I hear just a small little leak, and feel just a small little leak there. I actually 3 different times put jb weld on, 3 total. At first it wouldn't hold more than 25 lbs of air but now its fulling up with air all the way. I noticed the other day that when I put air in the car's tire, the air went down pretty fast even before I hooked up the other end of the hose to the tire. As soon as I put the end of the hose in the compressor, the air immediately began to release.

So today I put on another coupling, taking my time not to break it. Got it nice and snug/tight and same thing though, it is releasing the air when I put the end of the hose in there. I am not using the coupling side that I jb welded by the way but did try it to see if it would make any difference and it didn't. I have 2 hoses. One hose I have a clamp on each end that secures the hose to the fitting. When I put that in the compressor it starts releasing air out of the compressor as it is attached to the tire already. With the other hose which is the hose that I bought with the compressor maybe 5 yrs ag and is still in tact and doesn't need clamps, when I put it in either coupling it after a few seconds will just blow back out of the coupling. I don't get what's going on.

Actually too, before this all transpired as far as breaking the coupling and having to fix it, the hose with the clamps would blow out of the compressor after maybe 5 minutes. I think it stopped after I put on the clamps though. There is still a little bit of air coming from the end of the hose though as you can see with the clamp on , its as if theres a little gap where you can see the air coming out r hearing it rather.

Anyone know whats going on
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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