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air cleaner for 1970 raider 10 tecumseh

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having no luck finding a new air filter for my 1970 wheel horse raider 10 tecumseh. any ideas ? part #s?
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Baldwin # PA678 , Fram CA77 , Wix 42373 Napa made by Wix 2373 I prefer Wix or Baldwin.
doesn't look like the right one,mine is like 4" dia.2" tall
Try under off road equip for Kohler K181 ,there are 4 /5 diffent sizes and one seems about the size on my 8hp Wheehorse.
The 31925 Tecumseh filter is replaced by Wix 42374 4.393" OD x 2.340" high.
The Napa replacement from Rotary is 7-02203
Napa also sells Wix so their number may be 2374. I think they drop the 4.

HH100-115145C is the Tecumseh parts list I looked at.

If this does not sound correct give us some numbers or mesurements.

That should be the ticket.
sounds like a winner garry .thanks
how about the correct spark plug and gap
probably a Champion J8C gapped at 0.030
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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