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Agri-fab or Brinly cultivators, which is better?

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I'm in the market for a sleeve hitch type cultivator. I may wind up building my own. I'm just wondering if anyone has any opinions of which is better between Agri-fab and Brinly Hardy cultivators.
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I use a older style brinly and like it very much.
Yea, I know it's like Chevy/Ford, but I thought I'd get some input from both. I'll probebly build something like the Agri-fab with two inline frames. More input is welcome though.
Never seen the Honda type. I'd like to see pics of the older Brinley for comparison.
I can not help with a pic because my cultivator is in the back of my building.But if you googel brinly CC500 you will see what they look like.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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